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Frequently Asked Questions


Here are some answers to common questions from our previous customers.

 01  How do you know you can match my vehicle's color?

We mix our colors onsite to match them specifically to your vehicle.  We do not just get the paint code or vin number and pray it will match.  Rest assured our years of matching colors cannot be beaten.




 02  How can you give an exact price?

We know just what to ask to get a visual image of the damage.  We know exactly what it costs us to make your vehicle look great again.  See us as your autobody repair estimate experts.




 03  What if our bumper or fender cannot be fixed?

We can always replace your bumper of fender if it is damaged too badly.  We can usually get replacement parts the next business day.  Sometimes even earlier.  




 04  What do you need to be able to come to my work location for the repair?

Plenty of people are busy today and cannot leave the vehicle at home or swap vehicles with a spouse.  So we can do work at your place of employment.  We need to be able to park next to your vehicle in the sunlight and plug in to a regular electrical outlet, like the one a light or vacuum would be plugged in to.  We can go over that with you over the phone about who you may need to check with at your work.




 05  What if I do not live in an apartment complex or highrise?

We can help you find out if its ok to do work there.  Most places are flexible and want to make the tennants very happy.  We always place ground cover to eliminate any paint or etc that would get on the driveway or parking lot.

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