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Paint Chips and Minor Scratches

We have all seen the damage that highway driving does to our vehicle's paint. A little rock chip here and there. Before you know it the front of your vehicle has little white specks all over it. There are a few things you can do to avoid them.

Keep the recommended distance behind the vehicle in front of you. Simple physics explains how when a car drives it kicks up little pebbles and debri. Those pieces bounce like a ball. And just like a ball, the eventually stay back on the ground. If you drive close, you will get rock chips. If you stay back, you will not get as many.

But what are your options regarding paint chips and minor scratches after they have occurred? We can touch them up after we mix the paint to repair your bumper or other autobody repair needs. Sometimes what our customers think are scratches our technicians can clean off with special chemicals


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