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Stupid parking curbs!

Did a parking curb scuff up your bumper? That happens more often than you would guess. A few times a week a customer call us and needs us to fix just that. Those with a 3-series BMW know how often their bumper gets messed up or worse, torn off when backing out of the space.

Of course we can fix it, but how do you avoid it? Some of the ways we have found that help prevent damaging them in the first place. Don't pull up so close to the curb or parking stop. If you notice, the parking stop is usually held in place with 2 rebar driven in the ground. When those rebar are sticking up slightly, your bumper will easily be torn or even torn off. Another big recommendation is to back your car in to the parking spot. The rear bumper typically is higher from the ground than the front bumper. If backing in to a parking space makes you nervous, you can always practice in an area of the parking lot that does not have vehicles close by until you have mastered the process.

We hope this has helped you avoid damaging your bumper in the future.

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